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Little Chute Mustangs: Small Town, Big Dreams
2014 Little Chute Mustangs Football
D4 State Championship
Mustangs continue dominance with win over Clintonville
Author: Doug Kroll
An impressive start led to a convincing win for the Little Chute Mustangs against the Clintonville Truckers Friday night. With the aid of two early turnover recoveries and scoring on each of their first three possessions, the Mustangs raced to
GAMEDAY INFORMATION: Little Chute vs. Clintonville
Little Chute Mustangs vs. Clintonville Truckers DATE: Friday, September 14th TIME: 7:00pm LOCATION: Little Chute BROADCAST INFORMATION: none RECAP: Little Chute (4-0) hosts Clintonvil
Raffle Winner for Sept 14th
This week's $200 raffle winner is Sam Ciske - thank you for supporting Little Chute football - Go Mustangs!
  • Larry's Piggly Wiggly
  • Little Chute Gridiron Association
  • Save-A-Lot
  • Lee’s Contracting/Fabricating, Inc.
  • Trish's Pop In
  • BLC Community Bank
  • Capital Credit Union
  • Valley Grinding & Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Energy Control & Design, Inc.
  • Fireline Sprinkler Corporation
  • Cedar Creek Meat Market
  • Eagle Graphics
  • Jets Pizza