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From the Coach
Page Created By: Brian Ryczkowski Date : 2/16/2014

Last Updated: January 3rd, 2017

Dear Mustang Football Fan,

With the start of the 2018 season, we are excited about the coaches on staff and the group of players that came out for the team.  Led by 20 seniors, the 2018 team put together the most impressive summer in my time here.  They worked hard together and selected the team theme: Always Earned, Never Given.  They plan to earn their spot, earn the respect of each other and each opponent and every win the same way: The Mustang Way.

Visit for important news and information in and out of season.

Go Mustangs!

Brian Ryczkowski
Head Football Coach
Little Chute High School

1402 Freedom Rd.
Little Chute, WI 54140

Phone: (920) 788-7600 x 7205
FAX: (920) 788-7841

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