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From the Coach
Page Created By: Brian Ryczkowski Date : 2/16/2014

Last Updated: January 3rd, 2017

Dear Mustang Football Fan,

The 2017 season has come to a close.  The team finished  with a 5-3 conference record (6-3 overall), which was good for 5th place.  We earned a #3 seed in the 2017 Division 4 playoffs.  After winning at home in Level 1 again the Omro Foxes, the team traveled to Freedom in Level 2 and lost 22-12, ending their season.

We had 12 seniors this past year, a few that had come back out for football after taking time off or come out for football for the first time.  We will return 20+ juniors next year, making us a very experienced group.  Every season is different, and we hope to make it a memorable one in 2018.

Currently, athletes are competing in Basketball, Wrestling or off-season lifting.  Coach Hermes has done a great job with the strength and conditioning program and will be a huge reason if we are able to take the next step as a football program.

Visit for important news and information in and out of season.

Go Mustangs!

Brian Ryczkowski
Head Football Coach
Little Chute High School

1402 Freedom Rd.
Little Chute, WI 54140

Phone: (920) 788-7600 x 7244
FAX: (920) 788-7841

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