Mustangs bow out in defensive battle to Wrightstown
10/28/2019 7:38 AM

The Little Chute Mustangs needed some inspiration to breakout of their offensive scoring drought over the past several games. And in a game that meant win or go home with their backs against the wall, Friday proved to be the perfect time to spring it from their playbook.

If only its result could have been the spring board they needed …

Trailing 20-0 with the season slipping away, Little Chute pulled a play reminiscent of the historic 1985 Chicago Bears, when hulking defensive lineman William “Refrigerator” Perry bulled through the offensive line as an unlikely running back to score a touchdown.

Little Chute’s own beast of the line, offensive and defensive lineman Nate Hietpas, lined up as a running back with his team at the four yard line. In a burst of surprise he plowed into the line, head lowered and reached for the goal line. With his helmet falling off and a mound of defenders on top of him, he cleared the pile to signal his own touchdown. It took some time before officials agreed, but his score helped the Mustangs cut their deficit to 20-7.

It was the last touchdown either team would score, however,and the Wrightstown Tigers brought an end to Little Chute’s season in Level 1 of the Division 4 playoffs.

Little Chute coach Ted Evers said he hated to see the season end this early for his seniors, with whom he developed a special bond.

“I am just really proud of the seniors. There weren’t many of them, but it’s a really tough group of kids, and it’s a group of kids that’s going to be successful in whatever they choose to do past high school.”

Logan Lex, one of the nine seniors on the team, also said the loss was difficult, but something to learn from.

“It was tough, but it was a good experience,” Lex said. “I think it’s definitely going to help with the younger guys next year. Just helped us grow as a team.”

Hietpas not only said this team was great to play with, but what he learned from players in past seasons was inspiration for him.

“Just all the guys that I’ve ever played with,” he said.“Sawyer Huss, Jake Lehrer, Jake Vander Wyst, Jake Schmieder, Sam Schommer, all those guys. They brought me where I am today and I was glad I could carry on that legacy and show these younger guys what to do.”

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